QBC International has always been a worldwide effort to develop a worthy crypto-based alternative to traditional currencies.

We may or may not be banned in Canada. We aren’t exactly sure. What we do know is this – we are not giving up. We will develop more ways to use this coin. We will develop technological solutions to address problems in our world and we will develop meaningful use cases for Quebecoin. We will make this coin more censorship-resistant, more decentralized, more useful and continuously more independent of any entity or force other than the chain itself. Whether we keep the name, or change it to something else, we will not give up on the goals we have outlined above. If we are banned in Canada, we may have to change the name and brand, but it will not change our dedication to keep going. We want to see QBC become relevant in the crypto world. We know more than anyone that personal sovereignty is under attack and basic privacy is becoming a memory. QBC will stand for the idea that anyone, anywhere in the world has the fundamental sovereignty to choose who they trade with, under what terms and how they choose to trade.

–QBC International, from an undisclosed location.

Talk to us! We need the support of a broader crypto community to make QBC succeed.