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The Quebecoin chain is under development at the moment, please hodl on to your coins, information will be posted through the process.

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History of QBC


Quebecoin was launched in April 2014 and has earned a reputation of resilience as a legacy coin. The coin has beaten the odds and survived. Thanks to its dedicated community members that saw its potential, fast forward to 2019 and Quebec is making headlines as the best place in the world to establish cryptocurrency mining farms which has, in turn brought back attention to Quebecoin. A new generation of community members are joining their efforts to rejuvenate and promote this coin to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

QBC Swap Completed Successfully
You had until July 1st 2019 to swap your old QBC to new, and we extended the swap date from July 8th to July 10, 2019. Therefore the swap is now completed. There is much more to come for Quebecoin. Stay tuned.

Name: Quebecoin
Ticker: QBC
Post-burn circulation: 8,749,230 QBC
Block Time: 20 sec
Block reward 0.125 QBC
plus 0.125 dev fee

Lightning Fast 20 second block time
Algorithms Scrypt, SHA-256, Qubit, Skein, Groestl, Yescrypt, Argon2D

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New wallets is under Development,

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