1. Integrate Quebecoin Into Your Daily Transactions:

  • Description: Immerse yourself in the power of QBC by incorporating it into your daily transactions. Discover the seamless and efficient ways QBC can become a part of your financial activities.

2. Full Node Empowerment:

  • Description: Be a guardian of the Quebecoin network by running a full node on your computer or server. Validate transactions and contribute to the security and resilience of the QBC blockchain.

3. Active Mining for QBC:

  • Description: Join the mining community and actively contribute to the processing of QBC transactions. Participate in decentralized mining pools like cminors and mining-dutch to strengthen the QBC network.

4. Linguistic Bridges – Translation Support:

  • Description: Help break language barriers and expand the global reach of Quebecoin. Contribute to translations or improve existing ones in vital QBC ecosystem projects.

5. Development and Innovation Hub:

  • Description: Unleash your development prowess to enhance the functionality of Quebecoin. Contribute to innovative services and software that leverage the potential of QBC for the future.

6. Financial Support and Donations:

  • Description: Fuel the growth of Quebecoin by making direct donations or funding projects aligned with the continuous development of QBC. Your support directly impacts the evolution and sustainability of Quebecoin.

7. Spread the Word:

  • Description: Become an advocate for Quebecoin by sharing your experiences on social media platforms. Encourage local businesses to accept QBC and actively contribute to raising awareness about the unique features of Quebecoin.

8. Engage in the Community:

  • Description: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Quebecoin community. Engage with fellow enthusiasts on Discord, contribute to the learning experience for new users, and actively participate in exciting projects within the QBC ecosystem.


Thank you for being a crucial part of Quebecoin’s journey. Your involvement propels the community forward, ensuring a dynamic and decentralized future for QBC. Join the conversation on Discord and let’s shape the future of Quebecoin together!