Great news! Québecoin is now on cryptoniq!

What does this mean for you? If you have an online store with WooCommerce you now have exactly what you need to start accepting Québecoin today for your products! Use this new opportunity to simplify payments for your customers online and provide a use case for this vibrant, resilient cryptocurrency. With a simple $27 payment to the creator of this plug-in, you can very easily integrate Québecoin into your pre-existing online store.

QBC has always been a worldwide effort to develop a worthy crypto-based alternative to traditional currencies.

We now know we are not banned in Canada. We are completely sure. In a very short time, we have steadily restored QBC back to full operation and we are not giving up from here. We will develop more ways to use this coin. We will develop technological solutions to address problems in our world and we will develop meaningful use cases for Quebecoin. We will make this coin more censorship-resistant, more decentralized, more useful and continuously more independent of any entity or force other than the chain itself. We want to see QBC become relevant in the crypto world. We know more than anyone that personal sovereignty is under attack and basic privacy is becoming a memory. QBC will stand for the idea that anyone, anywhere in the world has the fundamental sovereignty to choose who they trade with, under what terms and how they choose to trade.

–QBC International, from an undisclosed location.

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Having trouble connecting to the blockchain?

A much easier way of downloading the blockchain is by using what is known as a "bootstrap" which is a copy of the blockchain already processed by another computer. This gives users a way to rapidly catch up to the current block of the Quebecoin network. You can use it quite simply. Find the %APPDATA% folder on your Windows machine or the ~/Library/Application Support on Mac, wherever you can find the Quebecoin folder on your computer. Drop in the files of the bootstrap in place of what is already there, copying them over. Be careful in doing so not to change your wallet.dat file. Always make sure to take backups of that file as well. Reload your wallet and you will find you will be much closer to the end of synchronization.

Need some peers?

Use the following command in the Quebecoin Debug window under Help. 

addnode  “”  add

When added correctly, your wallet will synchronize almost immediately when used in conjunction with the bootstrap. The current bootstrap is from March 21, 2020.

See @ahmedbodi's Github for the latest wallets and daemons!

Check our explorer at 


QBC is trading at these fine exchanges!

Have some spare hash power?

Try mining Quebecoin! We specifically designed Quebecoin to be deflationary. Supply is kept constrained, with only 0.25 per block. That works out to 1080 QBC per day. With the block time of 20 seconds, our multi algorithm capabilities allow Quebecoin to be highly secure and fully decentralized. It would be very expensive for any potential bad actors to overwhelm the Quebecoin network.

We are always seeking more pools to enable us to use all 7 of our algorithms. The Quebecoin network has the capability to use SHA-256, Scrypt, MYR-GRS, argon2d, Skein, Qubit and yescrypt. This prevents major security breaches because it would be very resource intensive to overtake all algorithms at once. Quebecoin can always use more pools to increase overall hashrate and security on the network. The bigger the hashrate, the faster the block time can be. We would love it if more pools would be willing to mine Quebecoin, to give miners a choice in where to mine and increase the decentralization of the network.

We want Quebecoin to become a credible, usable currency in the real world. We need all the algorithms fully active to maximize speed of transactions and get Quebecoin running to its fastest possible block time of 20 seconds. We need major mining pools all around the world to join in this effort.

Update as of October 17, 2020:

Québecoin is seeing a rising hashrate which is excellent both for transaction speed and security. Two new major mining pools have added us to their crypto currency mining operations – and We thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to further increase the processing capabilities of the Québecoin network. We hope that more pools will continue to add us and we are always reachable whether at our email, the contact form on the site or our discord, indeed any of the social media linked to this website.

Update as of September 16, 2020:

We have been added to with all seven algorithms. This ensures that it is possible to mine Quebecoin with all seven algorithms active. This is an extremely fortuitous development which assures that Quebecoin will have the highest level of security as new miners can come online. We urge anyone with spare hashpower to use Zpool or Cminor’s pool to contribute to the Quebecoin network. Both pools are linked below.

Zergpool logo
A Mining Pool logo
You can see the current mining pools running for each algorithm at

Talk to us! We need the support of a broader crypto community to make QBC succeed.

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